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The latest ''cli-fi'' news links


"Change in Literature and the Arts" by USER ID NAME OF ''MLynn'' at

Any relation to ''EmLynnS79'' re October 16, 1979 ?

Pure speculation!

LOOK!  AHA BUT notice ''LynnS79'' now knows that we have found out who she really is and guess what, as soon as she saw the links we uncovered, she immediately deleted the two links below so when you click on them you will get two empty pages, and the page will also be empty all it once has three article posted and written by ''Mary Woodbury'' but someone, guess who, now deleted those three articles and the page is empty except to a small NAME at the Top which reads:.....''MARY''! Opps.

This page by is not deleted and empty. But i have proof it once led doirectly to

it will automatically now turn into BUT IT HAS BEEN DELETeD NOW BY YOU KNOW WHO AND CLICK ON IT TO SEE WHERE IT LEADS AND WHOSE NAME IS STILL ON IT: ''Mary'' it reads.  You know who can run but she can't hide. Sad that she can't face the truth. But some people are like this. Trump is one. You know who is another. Sad. She just cannot admit she lied about all this on Wiki.'

So who was ''mLynn''? No idea. and why did she use 'S' as her initial of her surname Socovosky maybe? And why did she post her birthday at 79 when she did register her birthday on a SFF forum once as October 16, 1979.

which now leads to

BUT both pages are now deleted and taken down by you know who and the first one for mLynn led to a page of essays by mary woodbury, yes mary woodbury  and one essay titled CHANGE IN LITERATURE AND THE  ARTS but that page was changed to led to the ecofiction.kinja page which has also been deleted and taken down now but i have original files and links and the second page contained three essays by Mary Woodbury and the main essay titled CHANGE IN LITERARTURE AND THE ARTS but the second page has also been deleted now and reads:

''401 / Can't access post 1644566007: You need to be a member of the blog''

and has one name on the top of the page "Mary".

Who could that be, I wonder? and why would she deleted both pages once she learned that some IT experts had uncovered the deception? hmmmm.

Well, LynnS79 wants to play fast and loose with the truth, even though she lambasts Trump for playing fast and loose with the truth, but she is doing the same thing, and possibly has the same personality traits that the Donald has. Sad that she has had to resort to such lies. But hey, not important, we love her, let it go, let her be, she has dug her own grave by lying and deceiving the wiki people and i have  ALL her wiki posts and talk posts even the early ones when she was using the Lynns79 Id. after paul kicked her off his FB page. That's life, c'est la vie.

And she tweets now: ''Enter RUMOUR, painted full of tongues. '' - Shakespeare. Drama Queen!

[PDF]Henry IV, Part II, Prologue, Scene 1 ( 翻譯這個網頁
2011年6月2日 - Enter RUMOUR, painted full of tongues. Rumour. Open your ears; for which of you will stop. The vent of hearing when loud Rumour speaks?

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In case you missed it, a new ongoing feature at the CHIRB.


Burning Worlds is Amy Brady’s new monthly column (named after JG Ballard) examining trends in climate change fiction, or “cli-fi.”

In her first piece, she spoke with the man who coined the term “cli-fi” (Dan Bloom) about his reading suggestions.

**** Next month, in MARCH, she'll speak with science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson about his forthcoming novel, ''New York 2140,'' set in a partially submerged Manhattan.



“Burning Worlds” is a new monthly literary column by Amy Brady dedicated to examining important trends in climate change fiction, or “cli-fi.” Debut: February 2017

Can Cli-Fi Save the Earth? No, but....   

Dan Bloom Hopes "Cli-Fi" Will Sway Some People

A Literary Hub article by Boston journalist James Sullivan:

 ''Climate science and cli-fi – where data intersects with art,'' an Oped by Cat Spark in Australia, author of her debut cli-fi novel LOTUS BLUE -

How the literature of 1816 has inspired the creation of 'cli-fi'

BBC News-2016年9月2日
The last few summers have been the hottest on record, but 200 years ago people experienced a very different problem after the 1815 eruption ...

Climate gadfly coins literary term to save the planet – 'Cli-Fi'

Independent Australia-2016年10月5日
"I'm a cli-fi missionary, and I'm hoping to make it eventually to Australia and end my days there. A cousin of mine from St. Louis, Mark Epstein ...
From Beijing, China newspaper:


这类体裁的作品常称为“气候科幻”(climate fiction, cli-fi ),简而言之,就是探讨气候变化可能带来的极端后果。 其实此类概念也并非新鲜事物。19 ...



The Exhaustion of Literature: Croatian literary activist Dubravka Ugrešić


A woman writing under the name of mlynn wrote this "Climate Change in Literature and the Arts" at [Could this be the very elusive LynnS79 at Wikipedia who deleted her entire ID for LynnS79 in December 2016 in order to cover up her tracks? Could be her middle name?]


she tweets: ''Enter RUMOUR, painted full of tongues. '' - Shakespeare RE;

[PDF]Henry IV, Part II, Prologue, Scene 1 (

翻譯這個網頁2011年6月2日 - Enter RUMOUR, painted full of tongues. Rumour. Open your ears; for which of you will stop. The vent of hearing when loud Rumour speaks?